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Can the M10000 boot from USB?

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  • Can the M10000 boot from USB?

    I want to try some liveCD to see how they work in the car and don't have a CD drive hooked up to it.
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    256 MB DDR2 PC5400
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    Yup. Ive booted puppy linux from mine.


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      You need to get a live linux that INSTALLS to USB as a option after booting from a regular PC with cd or dvd drive.After you have INSTALLED the Live LINUX onto the UBS using say UBUNTU,PUPPY,SUSE or some otherdistro with that function,you can take the usb flash drive and just plug it in the carPC and make sure you set your BIOS to boot USB HDD first in boot order and save changes permanent.I have a SDC 2gb ultra 2 sandisk that has eLive ecomorph installed via WINDOWS XP program called unetbootin.exe that will create a live USB flash LINUX install out of any live linux .iso file!So if I want my linux fix on any computer to see performance in the tech room at work say,then I just pop in the usb drive and off I go.unetbootin...Look for it at a website near you!