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05 Mazda3 installation almost complete.

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  • 05 Mazda3 installation almost complete.

    Just got done installing in a mazda3.
    After doing my rodeo ( , I inspired a buddy of mine and we installed into his mazda 3.

    EBY701 LED LCD display programmed for auto-on wired to ACC+
    Dell Inspirdon 1.8ghz Pentium D Laptop with removed damaged LCD
    Stereo wire harness
    Double Din Dash kit
    12vDC-19VDC Power supply on constant.
    Dual 400 Watt Mosfet Amp for door speakers.
    USB GPS receiver installed under the dash.

    Everything works and looks fantastic. This LED version of the EBY701 beats the crap out of the older one I have installed in my rodeo.

    THE ONLY THING is that we have not set it up for automatic startup and shutdown

    I gave him this computer as it use to be in my rodeo. I used the little startup and shutdown controller that is common on the board, its also in the mp3car shop for like $37 or so and worked well. BUT, it hit me... Why can I not use the two leads going to the magnetic laptop open/close switch?

    Could I wire a relay that will trip open and close from the ACC wire and then connect the relay to the open/close switch on the laptop? In windows I'll just set it to standby when closed (key off).

    BUT, is there an option or registry setting so I can set a delay between the time that it goes back to sleep when the open/close hinge switch is tripped? If so, that will work PERFECT and we won't have to wire up an automatic startup and shutdown controller. It has to have a delay because... The sequence to starting the vehicle is.. . Key turns on and applies ACC power (switched the relay that tells the computer sensor that the laptop lid is now OPEN). Engine is started by turning the key (ACC Drops while engine is starting, laptop will go back to sleep because the relay will switch off at that moment.) Key returns back to ON position when engine started and ACC is applied again and computer wakes back up. This would be bad... so there needs to be a few seconds of a delay that windows puts the computer to sleep after the "lid is closed"/relay switched off.

    I found this: If anyone finds something that could apply, awesome. I know if we can get this working it will save a lot of time and money and space.

    Any input is very appreciated ! thank you.

    Note: The laptop does NOT have a battery (worn out, and was flaky) so "Standby after xx minutes when AC is not connected" is not an option here.

    I suppose all in all to make the easiest to understand.. I want windows to have a delay between the time that the lid is closed of the laptop and that windows puts the machine to sleep.
    If a script can be loaded when the lid is closed (instead of the few selections that window power management gives us) that has instructions to count 5 seconds before sleep is initiated and also to cancel the countdown if the lid is re-opened before the timer initiates sleep.

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