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  • Extigy CD Driver

    Well looks like I have lost another CD. I tried to find my Sound Blaster Extigy installation CD today, after I reinstalled windows. However, I cannot find the CD. I tried to goto their site, just to find that they do not offer the drivers to be downloaded, so I am wondering if anyone has the CD that they might could make an ISO for me?


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    I know that for a while the bastards removed all drivers from their site for soundblasters, but a few months back I know they added them back (had to download sb 5.1 xp drivers), they just weren't in a convienient place and had a giant queue system. ok, so it looks like they're bastards again. google for extigy drivers, often times other sites mirror them, or they can be found on an oem's ftp (ie gateway has had them in the past).

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      $150 for a sound card, and can't download the damn drivers. Absolutely ridiculous.


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        try click member login (upper left) and enter the name drivers pasword: all
        thensearch for extigy. this is where i go for most all my driver needs...
        or you could get it from the creative european site:
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