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  • brainstorming crazy project.

    hey guys. i was thinking of a project involving a sony str k502p household amp. i wanna run the amp in my car and run 2 3 way tower think im going to connect my ipod to my hp mini netbook which will then be connected to my sb extigy then from there toslink to the amp which is finally connected to the speakers. so the idea might sound cumbersome or extremely stupid but please dont flame and say things like "why dont you just use a car amp" i want the system to be completely stand alone.the problem is how i want to power the amp, i was thinking of using an inverter or possibly creating a circuit that could take the 12v from the battery and convert it to the necessary voltages required by the mainboard of the amp itself, any tips or crazy ideas you guys wanna give me?

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    I know you don't want to get flamed, but you really really should not use a household amp and speakers in your car, they're not designed for that and I promise you it will sound like crap.

    Anyway, if you decide not to listen, use an inverter. Do you really want to spend all that time hacking away at a circuit and finding voltages and risk messing up both your car and your amplifier when you can just buy an inverter for 60 bucks?

    But seriously, get proper speakers at least, your towers will sound horrible.
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