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Where to buy an OBD-I to Serial Cable

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  • Where to buy an OBD-I to Serial Cable

    I've been looking high and low but I can;t seem to find a site that sells just a OBD-I to Serial cable for my carputer though I know they exist.

    Does anyone know of a website or a place where I can purchase an OBD-I to Serial cable and software for my carputer this is the past and final piece I need to complete my carputer..

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    The problem with OBD-I was that it wasnt so much as standard as obd-II is as it was a loose conglomoration on onboard diagnostics that were specific to the manufacturer. You'll have to track down a cable specific to your make and model (as I know the odb-i on my passat has a odd odd connector).

    Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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      OBD to serial

      If you still have the Caddy mentioned in a previous post, you can order an OBD to serial cable from Andrew Whittaker at AKM Electronics. He has the OBD I (12 pin) and OBD II (16 pin) styles.

      Here is a link:

      Hope this helps.


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        Thanks guys the link was very helpful. I sent Andrew an email about the cable I need...

        Now if only someone actually had some nice (Cheap or Free) software to read the information from the OBD. Most the software I see online costs more than the cable.


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          there IS some out there. I don't remember where I got it but I downloaded some one time.

          or you can get efilive (I think that's the name) and search for a "fix" I did =)