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  • What is hot for a CPU

    I'm running an old AMD 3400+ 2.4ghz processor on a mATX board.......I was worried about it overheating, I'm currently using it's standard heatsink and it's getting up to 45 degC when running CF2

    Is this acceptable?



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    Short answer- yes.

    Long answer- maybe...

    Modern cpus can generally get up to around 60c without damage but there is more to the story than just that.

    For one thing, there are more electronic components than JUST a processor in a system, and they are all affected by heat. The cpu may be the single most critical, known piece, but if something on the motherboard is too hot the system may also have stability problems or have a "melt-down."

    Temperature alone is NOT truly a good indicator of much. The best thing to do is use an application like Prime95 or similar to get a system and cpu really working hard at 100% load and monitor as many temps as you have sensors for, and then see if the computer is stable.
    If it crashes, you have an issue.
    If it crashes and one or more temperatures are high, that is probably the problem.

    I have seen systems that run perfectly fine with an indicated cpu temp of 65c and motherboard temp of 50c.
    I have seen other systems that crash when the cpu goes above 45c, although these are generally heavily overclocked and abused machines.

    The upshot is that temperature is an indicator, but not always something that compares well from one system to another.

    I always try to find out what the upper range temp I can reliably run a system at and then I work to keep the temp at least 10c below that when under 100% load.


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      cheers for a full explaination !


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