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No output voltage from Carnetix P2140

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  • No output voltage from Carnetix P2140

    This is a boat application, but posting it in the boat forum didn't seem right since it is a basic problem, not marine related.

    We have installed our P2140 to 12VDC (actually 13VDC). We have voltage coming in. When we plug it in, we get the red LED to blink a few times. But there is no output voltage at the output plug. And the fan does not run (although it may be on a thermostat, I dunno).

    We are NOT using either the pulse or ignition wires on the input, if that has any bearing. We have tried giving the ignition wire 12VDC, but nothing changed.

    Can anyone help us troubleshoot what is wrong? Thanks in advance.

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    Have you figured this out....I'm having the exact same problem.
    Inputs are all getting correct voltage but no out put.. just get the LED to blink around 5 times and no fan running


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      The 2140 can sometimes get scrambled during testing. Also, if the battery runs dead while it is attached. Connect it via USB and reload the firmware.

      If that isn't the solution, try posting on the Carnetix forum. You'll get better response there.
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        Got the firmware upgraded that solved it. THanks