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fyi: installing a Parrot carkit into a 2009 BMW E90 LCI

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  • fyi: installing a Parrot carkit into a 2009 BMW E90 LCI

    Just thought I'd share some information I came across when installing a Parrot carkit into my car. You can always let the dealer install the carkit, but doing it yourself is both fun (depends on your definition of fun ofcourse) and saves loads of money. If you opt not to let a professional install it, one thing you will discover after getting the carkit installed is your AUX IN isn't working anymore.

    This is because the wires used for AUX IN are normally not forwarded with ISO type plugs.

    Using my multimeter, I discovered which pins on the bracket are what:

    pin color assignment
    2 red/white screen/common (sleeve)
    3 brown/white right (ring)
    4 blue/white left (tip)

    The cable which forwards the entire bracket is nowhere to be found on the internet (at least nowhere I could find). I attached a photo of the connector. It turns out your local BMW dealer uses it when installing carkits. I bought mine for 7 euro.

    Connecting this wire harness fixes AUX IN.
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