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  • Where to start?

    im not sure if this question has been answered, and i dont really know what to search for with the search function, so please dont flame me.

    anyways, i have a computer, but.. what would i need to make it a carputer? i want to hook it up to an lcd, and patch into my eqaulizer and amp. also, a gps wouldnt be far from coming.

    so what hardware/software would be neccessary? computer, vid car, interface (?), screen, etc.

    i just dont know where to start.


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    Computer Stuff
    Well, video/sound card obviously. Network card if you want to be able to easily update songs over the network.
    LCD screen, depends on what you get. It can either have normal computer VGA or TV NTSC. If you get a LCD with only a TV input, you'll need a video card with a TV video out.
    Interface can be done through a touchscreen or a keyboard/mouse/touchpad/gamepad/etc. Just depends on what works through you.

    Car Stereo Stuff
    A head unit that can accept line in/the output from your computer. Some units have a line in right on the front of the head unit, others in the back inside the dash. Another way is to modify your head unit, which isn't recommended, but does work well.

    --Ashlawn Kemling


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      thanks for the reply.

      i have a few more questions.

      what about the sound card? what kind? how's the quality? power output?

      also, doenst having a wire coming from the comp to the front of the HU (i have an input in front) look kind of unappealing? also, how does it sound just having the sound card hooked up to an amp (interested).

      also, what do i need to do that?

      thanks again.


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        Whoa, Whoa, Whoa there partner. I realize you're really exited and really anxious to get going. That's really cool, but you've asked a lot of questions, and there's a thousand answers. Go ahead and look around the board and at some of the project sites. Then come back and ask questions when they can be more specific. We'll be able to help you a lot better then, and you will be a lot better prepared.

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          Yes, it might look unappealing to have that wire hanging out the front of your head unit, but do what works for you. Hooking it directly through your amp, it'll sound just as good as the hardware you have pretty much.

          --Ashlawn Kemling


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            also, doenst having a wire coming from the comp to the front of the HU (i have an input in front) look kind of unappealing?
            Are you using the factory Mazda headunit? if so test the whole setup first to make sure everything works, then when you're happy and feel like making it look custom you can take the deck apart and solder a couple of wires to the input jack on the inside of the deck. Then run them out the back of the unit and make a new input jack ( RCA or headphone jack ). This will void your warranty so you might just wanna run the wire under the dash and have it poke out around the dash bezel and into the input jack on the front. If it's a faceoff after market unit then i couldn't begin to tell you how to do it.
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              hehe, sorry about my many questions, just really excited

              no, im not using the stock HU. im running a JVC HU and a Pioneer equilizer. Im debating wether to take them out and run the carputer, or to have both.

              thanks for all the help.. i will begin my quest to find out much information.

              thanks again.


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                Reading all the topics in the Hardware and Power Supplies forum would be a great start...Probably answer 90% of your questions.
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