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Anyone find a good USB sound card yet?

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  • Anyone find a good USB sound card yet?

    I know there were some suggestions in previous posts, but has anyone found and tested a good one yet?
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    correct me if i'm wrong here anyone, but are there even such things as usb sound cards? i know they make usb speakers which eliminate the need for a sound card...but i have never heard of a usb sound card itself.
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      they make USB sound card, i have seen them in stores. Now as to y anyone would want one, i cant understand. Imagine for a minute, you are playing a song or what not. Then you pull out the USB. I am sure your OS will ***** or crash on you.

      Nowadays there is almost everything is USB. I am waiting on a usb CPU
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        I used some yamaha usb speakers for a while (mainly because I couldnt find a resonably priced head unit with aux-in, that I liked) - they were on special in PC world - they sounded great when they worked, but more often than not windows 98 didnt detect them on boot up, and I used to have to re-boot (once or maybe several times) - in the end I gave up and switched over to using the analogue input into them from a soundcard - there was a zdnet article on usb sound devices a while back, which posted the pros and cons - I dont know if these would apply to usb sound cards per se.


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          Topperge had a 4-channel USB device which is incredible I love it, and last I heard he only had one left. He probably sold it already cuz some one else was pining for it. But USB sound is great as long as you stay away from the Dallas Instrument (no, not Texas chipsets. That has so much noise and the sound was almost 8-bit (at least I thought it was 8 bit... so quiet and too much noise to discern)
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            what or who is Topperge? how can i contact them to see if they still have one left?
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