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Epia board and slim DVD

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  • Epia board and slim DVD

    So I think I'm going to go ahead and get the Epia 800 800Mhz mobo... and put it right behind the custom LCD I'm going to soon put into my dash where the stereo hu currently sits. Gonna be a fiberglass custom mold deal.. gonna be tricky but anyways.. the point is that I want to get one of these slim CD/DVD players that they sell on the site and mount it right under the LCD inside the dash (the part that I'll have to make out of fg). Since I'm gonna be putting that mobo right behind the LCD, I can just run the IDE cable from the dvd/cd to the mobo right? Is there a cable converter needed here?? I read for a while all of those past forums but couldn't get far because half of the links are dead now. I wish I could get a slot load, one that you just slide the CD into the drive, like a cdplayer on a stereo unit. What about those??? Apple??


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    Slim-slot in?

    Hit the search bouton...

    You 'll find it...I know!

    And they are cheaper than the slim tray in from mini-itx...
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      Re: Epia board and slim DVD

      Originally posted by Cordell
      Is there a cable converter needed here??
      The description of the drive includes this text: you will require a slimline IDE to IDE adapter (included with Cubid cases) - we do not currently sell these separately.

      So an adaptor is needed

      I did not look for the best price but here is an option with the adaptor Link
      D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

      Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

      Read the FAQ!


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        Yeah that one looks good.. but it's not DVD. I probably won't be playing too many DVDs, but it could come in handy...

        Also.. is that a slide in type drive or whatever you call it. Where the CD just slides in, rather than the tray coming out and you putting the CD on it and then pushing it back in.. ya know?? I want the kind wher eyou just slide in the CD. That's called slot-in? I don't know if they even make those in the slim version. If we can't find one like that, I could go with a tray then. Needs a small face plate though I think.

        So the one on the mini-itx site doesn't come with the adapter?? So why the hell don't they sell them seperately??? That makes no sense to me ... oh well the search contiues. I'll try to go through these forums a little more today.

        thanks guys


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          BTW.. these DVD drives do play regular music CDs right?? I've just been assuming that on all of these, but I need to make sure.



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            That's standard, all DVD drives play CD's just fine.

            Someone correct me.
            I'll take donations.


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              Originally posted by Mafri
              That's standard, all DVD drives play CD's just fine.

              Someone correct me.
              No correction needed.
              What im curently listening to.
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                ok thanks


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                  Ok I Past... (You don't like the serach function...)

                  The answer was...from me

                  Slim slot in drive: Use only the adapter from MAC (The JAE connector is turned by 180)

                  My Slim slot in setup:
                  DVD $35 at your drive

                  Apple computer part N 820-1050-A
                  You'll found it here:
                  All mac part number BRD-4525 @ 29.25$
                  search for "interconnect" in the search box

                  Note I'm playing with those slim slot in also!


                  Imported for europe!

                  As you got a 50 pin IDC connect it like this:

                  IDE Pin40 => Pin50 IDC 50 pin easy....

                  This drive are working perfectly and you don't have an ugly tray!

                  And for 65$ only...

                  Epia M9000, lili 7" vga&touch & 2xTM-7002S compo, camera with reversed image, 2.5" 60 GB, 256Mb DDR, Opus 90W, GPS usb... AND MEDIACRUISER of course!


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                    that's the main problem.. that link doesn't show anything about a DVD/CD player unless I'm overlooking it. However, I click on Products and then cd/dvd/cdrw and then DVD in the drop-list, then Search. It shows the list. I see two drives that cost $35:
                    DVD IBM DVD-113LG 6X DVD 5.25 IDE 1 35.00 and
                    DVD IBM DRD-840B 24X 5.25 IDE DVD 1 35.00
                    I want the 24x one huh?? is that the slot-in? the site sure doesn't give much info on the drives.. heh



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                      For $55


                      But they are not as sexy or slim as the iMac one. But now you don't need to mess with an adaptor.
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                        are the pics big and slow enough ?
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                          Yeah that could work. .. but it really is too big.. I would ahve a harder time working with that. I just need a different link to the product on the website. I found the adapter ($$$) but not sure on which dvd/cd drive it is. Dang I'm tired.. don't think I can type any more tonigh.. heh


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                            Any luck on figuring out the Apple slimline drive option? I am looking to do the same thing.



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                              I did get this drive and this adapter. The adapter does fit backwards, so it sticks out the right back side of the drive about 2-3 inches-not a problem with how I'm going to be using it. It came with that weird faceplate, I think I may cut that up to be thinner and not so wide so it will look and fit better in the dash. It is slot-load, too. When I got it, it didn't work however.. it wouldn't pull the CD in, something inside was blocking it. I sent it back yesterday, couple hours after I got it, and the guy shipped out another one to me this morning. It should work fine. The connector on the adapter doesn't fit all the way onto the connector on the drive becuase of some pins that stick out of the back of the adapter pcb, but it goes in far enough to make contact. I will probably put some superglue on it when I'm done to keep it on there tight. Should work fine...

                              hope that helped?