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  • Battery power.

    Hi all,

    My old battery died a few days ago and I had to buy a new one the same power as the old one but I was wondering what is the ideal power for a battery to support all the electrics of a car (diesel) plus a carputer.

    I don't have the carputer yet but I'm planning on buying an EPIA-M wich I think consumes few resources.

    Btw, my new battery like the old one is 71A or so they told me, keep in mind that I know nothing about batterys and the like so I could be mistaken.

    Thanks guys.
    I'll take donations.

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    Sears DIE HARD

    Sears DIE HARD batteries are rated pretty well, Just go in there and tell them what kind of car you have and tell them you want the best battery for your car, (the one with the most cold cranking AMPS)

    Good luck!


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      Don't waste your time with standard liquid filled lead acid batteries. All the Sears/Canadian Tire/Pep Boys/etc. are all made at the same factory and are trash.

      Go with the Optima Red Top. Lots of reasons why on their website at . If you plan on deep discharging, then go with the Yellow Top.
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        Maybe I did not myself clear (english is not my first language).

        I already buyed a new battery since I need the car and was without one for a few days already.

        I bought one of the official Ford ones for my type of car, is a Motorcraft with 71 A or 71 A/h or whatever.

        I just wanted to know if when I put a carputer this battery will be able to handle it or I will be forced to buy a new one (I hope not!)
        I'll take donations.


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          It should cope just fine. I'm running a stock battery in a diesel Corsa and I've never had a problem.

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