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  • Temp, etc.

    hope this is the right place ...

    The new Montero has the following display in it..

    I am wondering if anyone knows how to create one of these.

    I would like to have it different from the computer display, or as a default / idle screen.



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    Do you just want the small screen for your dash or do you actually want the features of that screen?

    I doubt you could find a display that size and colorfull that would run off a parrallel port so you would probably be looking at needing another graphics controller, or at least one with 2 outputs.
    I am pretty sure I have seen lcds that size that will run off the printer port but I don't recall seeing them with all those colors (could be wrong though)


    As for the features, even though a compass seems simple you probably won't get one for your computer unless you go with a full GPS system

    Date, Time .. thats pretty basic

    Temps, you would probably have to get a card for your mobo that had a really LONG extension cable temp sensor if you wanted outside of the case temps.

    And if thats like the isuzus then it also has a basic interface with the cars ECU that it uses for mileage calculations and such (average MPG and so on). For that you might be able to use a obdII interface, but I am new to that stuff and have yet to get my own (soon though)