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Voompc-2 Molex Connector

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  • Voompc-2 Molex Connector

    Hi, I was trying to add more pins to the connector to try and run a 12v and 5v line out of the case. The manual says has all the connectors and pins that I'll need and that the connector is a "mini-fit jr" type.

    Now, I went here:

    and I was going to buy the pins and sockets, but there are two types of contact finish and four types of series listed. Which ones do I buy?

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    I'm having the same interrogations as you are. After a lot of researches, I found that part that matches exactly the connector on the VoomPC 2.

    However, I have a couple more questions before ordering:

    Will I have to buy separate terminals and wire and solder it myself? Is there a place where I can buy complete connectors with terminals and a couple of inches of wire so I can just solder the wires I need on my cables?

    Also, is there any counter-indication about leaving a wire to the battery unplugged? I want to be able to plug/unplug my carputer easily so I can take it out for extensive updates or during winter. I was planning to wire it directly to the battery as explained here and finish the wire with a molex-connector. Can there be any problem of leaving the cable hooked but with nothing plugged at the end?


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      Well, I gave up on trying to find the correct pins and terminals. Instead I popped off the cd drive cover and routed my wires through there.

      So now I've got on/off switch, 12v, 5v, and amp remote turn on wires running out of the cd drive.


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        Did you try live chat with digi key?
        FAQ to the FAQ - Great Starting Point

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          Ack, I didn't see a live chat button. Oh well, running separate wires out for everything will be easier for installing anyways I think.