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Anyone have a ti4600?

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  • Anyone have a ti4600?

    And if so have you had any problems with it?

    I purchased one back in November, and 3 weeks ago the cooling fan stopped working properly. I rma'd it back to the company and just recieved it back. My question is is there a way via software that I could power down the card, and have the fan stop also?

    I usually leave my home computer on 24/7, in fact the only reason that I knew the gpu fan was going bad was a power outage occured. When I turned on the computer the fan would not make a complete rotation without stopping and grinding a little.

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    I have one of these cards, and the fan started getting noisy about 3 months after I got it (I also leave my PC on all the time). I ended up replacing the stock heatsink/fan with the Thermaltake cooler , haven't had any problems since plus my PC temperature went down a couple degrees. The stock fans that ship with video cards are usually low quality, I recommend an aftermarket cooling solution if your PC is being left on.


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      generally the quality of the fan is related to the brand of the card. high qualitiy brands like abit, asus, msi would have fans that would last longer then cheap cards, such as inno3D, etc.
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        They're also teeeny little fans that don't take that much before they sieze up, in terms of dust. I've had 2 sieze up on me in the last few years, on a leadtek gf2 pro and a powervr kryoII, the gf2 lasted about a year, the kryo did about 2.

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