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HD Radio Line Level - too high?

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  • HD Radio Line Level - too high?

    I'm using Mitch's HD Radio cable, connected to a Visteon HDZoom, and I'm seeing a huge amount of distortion when I switch to the HD radio line. The volume on the Line is loud, even with the Line volume slider down at "1" (out of 100), so I'm wondering if it's possible that the ouput of the radio is just too high.

    This is on Vista, using a Via NX15000G mobo, which has a VT1708A audio chip. I'm using SatAmp as my test app. I know it's not the line itself, since I can connect up a portable CD player to the same line, using the same cables, and the sound is clear.

    I know that Mitch's control dll can set the output volume of the head unit, but none of the apps I've seen, including HDPCR, utilize this function. Is there a registry setting/config file I can create that would do this? I'm not really sure what to do now, Any suggestions?
    EPIA NX15000G, OCZ 128GB 2.5" SSD, 1Gb RAM, 7" anti-reflective, transflective touchscreen, M1-ATX, HD-Radio, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, USB DVD+-RW.