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any potential issues using a DVD burner via an E-SATA connection?

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  • any potential issues using a DVD burner via an E-SATA connection?

    Has anyone attempted/used an external dvd burner connected via e-sata?

    i am currently in the stages of changing my carputer towers
    my current PC is a FULL sized case, which takes up VALUEABLE space in my trunk; i am swapping it out for my current desktop [Acer Aspire x3200]

    this machine is actually the biggest over-kill you can image lol
    Triple-core 64bit processor, 4 gb of ram, 320 gb hdd.
    i just want it mainly to reduce and reclaim the space in my trunk.

    the major issue, besides not having easily "locate-able" xp drivers, is that it is VERY limited in upgrade-ability.

    im planning to swap out the current 360gb hdd for my 30gbssd + 160gb laptop hdd setup in the current carputer.
    i want to still have access to my dvd-burner.
    the acer only has 2 sata slots and NO parallel.

    i am worried that if i connect the dvd-burner to the e-sata port on the back of the acer, i may have some issues.
    My plan is to have pc in the trunk and have the dvd burner in the car, mounted behind the rear seats .
    Mainly power, and the distance i can safely place the dvd away from the pc.

    please post your views.

    2006 Mazda6 Carpc

    2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7

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    how far away is the dvd burner goign to be form the computer?

    esata distance requirements per wikipedia:
    Maximum cable length of 2 metres (6.6 ft) (USB and FireWire allow longer distances.)

    I think it might be better to use usb for the dvd burner.

    Esata is for large amounts of data, I could be wrong, but i don't think that a dvd burner would need any bandwidth that is higher than that of usb 2.0
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      maximum distance would be 3feet.
      its about 1.5 feet away from the machine, but i will make it a bit extra for the just in case.

      i initally went for the usb route, but that would cost be a little bit extra for the sub adapter.
      i just happened to remember that my pc had an esta connection. so y not take use of it?
      i've heard that usb has bandwith issues, not sure..

      i also wanted a worry free connection when using hibernation
      usb devices seem to have issues coming out of standby and hibernation.
      i have already tweak xp to not let windows power off the usb ports to "save power"

      2006 Mazda6 Carpc

      2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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        eSata can have issues as well, for example what chipset is on the motherboard you plan on using? and is the eSata port straight off the chipset or off an add-on chip such as a JMicron controller?


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          I believe that it's running off a JMicron controller.
          i have seen somewhere that the acer is using the JMicron controller on the mother board.

          i've read that JMicron isnt that good.
          that the reason i chose a SSD from ocz since it didnt utiltize JMicron

          2006 Mazda6 Carpc

          2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7