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Power Wiring Diagram Question.

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  • Power Wiring Diagram Question.

    I'm almost positive that I know the answer to this question, but when you're working with hardware that costs this much, I've come to the conclusion that it's best to ask someone who would be completely positive.

    I purchased a flat panel PC on Ebay awhile back and when I received it, there was no power cable of any sort. The power connector on the machine doesn't accept a standard PC power cable. I did find a wiring diagram online, but it wasn't completely 'idiot proof', so I want to make sure that I'm reading it right.

    The way it appears to me FG is the ground and N and L are the + and the -. I would tend to think that N would be the -, but that's what I can't be sure of. Would anyone be willing to venture an educated guess about it? Thanks for any assistance.

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    Is this mains level power? If so, FG = earth, N = neutral, L = live.
    With AC, there isn't really much concept of + and -, it alternates.

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      also, if you are talking about dc - is the same as ground (or earth)
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        the figure shows AC ...
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          Thank you very much. Considering the amount of learning involved in my chosen career, I've resisted delving into the intricacies of electricity and it's forms, but perhaps it's time that I spent some time learning instead of stumbling through a lot these things. The arcade machine that I built worked great even though it took a bit of electrical work, but it was mostly just trial and error stuff. Thank you very much for your responses.

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