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  • Dolby/DTS Decoder

    Anybody know of any commercial dolby/dts decoders that'll run in car - connected via SPDIF output (Coaxial and Optical).

    Bit surround sound mad and I don't see why I should stop after I've finished the house.

    Only need a decoder as amplification will be done by external amps - so need pre-outs to FL,FR,C,RL,RR and LFE.

    UK sources would be a plus but prepared to order overseas if package is right.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    I was looking at this a while ago and came to the conclusion that buying a sound card with the analogue 5.1 out was cheaper. If you do end up buying one of these Link let me know how it goes.
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      i have a sherwood unit that i'm going to use in my car. haven't heard it yet. it has 2 digital inputs and 1 analog. my plan is to use the analog for the music and the digital for the dvd. i'm going to try to use both these outputs from the soundblaster live card. there are also several car stereo companies that make these.
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        Thanks for the info - meddler that's exactly what I was looking for I'll let you know how it goes

        I'm going to think about the soundcard option just means making a new case to support an additional PCI card.

        Thanks Again