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    Does anyone have a solution for this? I just installed a new video card with TV out for my lcd... The problem is that the onboard video is always the primary output. The only two ways i can think of to solve this problem are to run two identical displays from each video card or to disable the onboard video, neither of which I can figure out how to do. There is no setting in the bios to do this and as far as i can see, no jumper on the motherboard either. If anyone can help me out with this it would be a huge help... thanks.

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    Nothing in the bios that you can change? ... something like 'Video: Boot PCI First'?
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      Nothing even remotely close in BIOS... If it helps at all, the board is an old Dell P133.


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        Disable the display in windows. Go to Control Panel->System->Device Manager. Then select the display you want to remove and hit properties. Look for a check box that says "disable"

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          Call Dell and ask them how to disable it? There must be a way, there always is.
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