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voice activation or fingerprint scanner for alarm

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  • voice activation or fingerprint scanner for alarm

    Well, I was walking to my car today and thought it would be cool if I could somehow interface a voice activation receiver with my computer and my alarm on my car or a fingerprint reader on my door to open my car. Instead of just using my keys, might sound kind of pointless, but coudl be fun.

    Does anyone know of any products that would be capable of doing this? I don't know how to interface it with my alarm though....

  • #2 has a few cool things you might look at

    Iris Reader

    Finger Print reader

    May be intresting, but pointlessly expensive...
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      yea you can buy finger print scanners for the pc, usually from $60-150 I think. The question is how to interface it with your car, alarm, etc.



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        This might not be exactly what you are looking for but...

        I read a link/article off of Slashdot where some guy (Dr. something or other) fooled many of the fingerprint readers on the market and faked a set of someone else's fingerprints.

        Basically it involved (as far as I remember) lifting a print the traditional way, scanning it, and then printing it out on some thermal machine (maybe even some PCB kit?) so it would be in 3D. Then he poured Jello over the resulting printout, and walked up to the scanner and used it w/o any problems a majority of the time. Then he ate his evidence...

        Sorry if there are holes is this story...and I don't have a link. Maybe someone has a better memory than I do. I know there were very few readers that we'ren't fooled by this.. I guess not many of them take biometric readings.

        I've been thinking of doing this myself, except for the house insteadof the car. You should also look into those iB (iButton) thigies... they work on distance. If you come within 5ft, it will unlock the computer (software), walk away, it will lock it back. Of course you will have to hook up some sort of interface (electricl or mechanical using servos) to open the door/turn the alarm off.

        I think it has been discussed in earlier threads... and AFAIK I think the thread just died.
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