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  • Noob questions

    Hey guys, I have been reading a lot about carputer's and can't wait to build my own. I just had a few quick questions for anyone who might have any input.

    1. I want to get an internal harddrive with 500GB - 1TB of space. Are there downsides to having larger internal HDs? Is it common sense that it will go slower, and will I need more power in my processor if I do choose an HD with a lot of space? I mostly plan on having a lot of multimedia content like music and vids.

    2. Am I pretty safe with a 150w PSU for any PC combo I choose?

    3. I am thinking about getting the VIA EPIA MII 10k. I have read some reviews on these, but does anyone have any pros/cons for how these work on a carputer?

    Thanks for your help!