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    I was wondering if one of these things could be pulled apart and used?

    The touch screen is tempting, however, I think that the vga could cause some problems. I am kind of new to this, however, I am pretty eager to learn. Thanks for your time.

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    Get that, get a big HD for it, and get this thing (I forget the name) That connects to the Printer port to play the mp3s, its supposed to play them perfectly, even from the 386
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
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      I bought one of these from this guy but, I changed my mind and just picked up a regular 6.8" TFT LCD for 300 on ebay, I still have this and was thinking of doing the same as you said with the touchscreen so I could use it as a mouse on a serial port or something like that, If anyone out there knows about how to do this please reply!

      ps here is a link on some mods for this thing

      citadel mods page
      /OMMY D


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        I am now really interested in it, however, lstrunk, you mention a "thing" what are you talking about? Would would I use for the front end???? I have a spare 30gb hd, and I am sure I could locate some old school RAM. Anyone got another specs on this box????


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          It comes with 1MB flash RAM with DOS installed, so what about running a DOS VNC client on it to control a PC in the trunk? The DOS VNC viewer will run on a 386 with 4 or 8 MB of RAM. This way you could use the PC with the touch screen as a control device. This would work for MP3 and GPS but not for video. Any thoughts?


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            lstrunk was referring to the LP3 parallel port mp3 decoder.

            I've never seen one, but I think someone here has used one with good results.


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              One problem with using the LP3 is that it requires that you use WinAmp, which means running Windows 95 (can't see this happening on a 386!!). They do have DOS software, but it's actually a stand-alone player and not a sound driver for DOS, so it would take some programming to get it to work with something like DOS MXPlay. They do have a driver for Linux, so you could run something like Cajun or Route66. Even if you can use the LP3 to play MP3s from DOS or Linux, these apps are not graphical, so what is the point of having a touchscreen? You're also going to run into some BIOS issues trying to get a 30GB hard drive to work in a 386, as well as the DOS 527MB limitation (but you can get over this using an extender). Remember, this device only works with a laptop hard drive, so it won't be cheap finding a large hard drive for it.
              I'm not trying to be negative, I think this is a great idea. Just some words of caution before anyone starts shelling out $$ for this thing...