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  • Hiss sound

    I'm using Win98 in my player,and when I'm entering a windows,I'm starting to hear some hiss sound.I can clearly her it when the volume is low.Doesn't look like I have bad grounds,I checked everything and grounded all possible parts( case,PSU,MB),but I can't get rid of it.
    I thought maybe this is because the quality of my sound card,but I have SB Live,which supposed to be very good card.
    Anyway,if someone has a solution or explanation to this,plz let me know. Thanks!
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    heres what i would try

    disconnect your amp inputs (rca's).

    now turn the amp on with your head unit and see if theres any noise.
    if there is its your amp.
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      since youre in Israel, that hiss you hear is either rocks whizzing over your head (if youre Israeli) or helicopters shooting missles at you (if youre Palestinian).

      But, since I dont know anything about Israel's geography, it might just be a bad connection somewhere between your soundcard and speakers.
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        I can hear the noise even when I connect headphones to the output of the sound's not the amplifier
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          your volume is too high then. hehe
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            Turn off any inputs on the sound card your not using, like line in, microphone or CDaudio. If that doesn't help it's just you have a ****ty sound card, and it's copping electrical interference. Most of the time you'll get heaps off noise coming in off inputs your not using.


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              I have the SB live and I had the same problem. I figure out yesterday that the hiss was coming from my ATI TV Wonder card. Some how the tuner is producing hiss even when it's not on. I just need to turn off (mute) the input the tuner was hook up to. Only problem is when I play TV on Cobraiii the sound doesn't go on. I would have to go to sound card setting and turn it back on, which takes me back to the problem. When I launchTV wonder outside of Cobraiii, it's ok. The program will turn on my aux input when the program launches and turn aux input off when i close the app. Maybe Charles can help me on this.
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                I noticed this problem in my setup at home. I haven't got my carputer all together yet, but I have my soundcard hooked into an old amp for my computer in the house. The other day for the first time I noticed a humming noise, similar to what's being described here. I checked my settings on the computer then went to the soundcard and unplugged the mic (which was turned off in my vol controls for both recording and playback) and that fixed it. Also I noticed that if I connect my VCR (or anything for that matter) into the input of my soundcard I get a similar noise that is unfourtunately a bit louder. But I don't use either too often so I just leave them unconnected. One thing to check is to see if anything is touching the soundcard, sometimes if something comes loose and touches agains the metal surrounding the inputs/outputs (outside the case)it can cause noise, might want to check inside the case too. Hope this helps.


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                  The most interesting thing happens when I mute the sound.If I mute it from WinAmp,the hiss remains,but if I mute from Volume control window,it disappears!And it doesn't disappear when I set volume to minimum,only when I mute.
                  Very strange...any suggestions?
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                    And here is why;

                    Mute from WinAmp: Turns WAV output all the way down.
                    Turn down vol control: Turns the main volume down.
                    Mute from vol control: Cuts off all signals completly.

                    - run as normal with hiss.
                    - Open volume control (double click speaker)
                    - Goto options then properties
                    - In playback, check all boxes then hit OK
                    - While listening to hiss, Mute each one, one by one untill it stops. (But not the main volume control)

                    If you catch one that kills the hiss, besides the Wave one, it's the one causing the trouble. If it's the Wave one, hurm, you'll have to keep trying other things..

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