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16gb usb vs hdd

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  • 16gb usb vs hdd

    would I be at a disadvantage if I ran my music off of a usb flash drive . I have a 20 gb hard drive and I dont want to buy another larger one. with what i have I have 10 gb of space . I dont wanna slow it down by adding my 10 gb of music. will a flash drive be just as speedy for music and video clips?
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    flash is slower and has limited write cycles so if you change your music often, then you are screwed. Also the more full flash is the slower it gets big time.

    If you only have a 20gb HD, just buy a new bigger HD, clone over what you have, and be done with it. I bought a box of 15 HDs ranging from 20gb to 80gb for $12 shipped on ebay. I think that is on par with the cost of a lash drive...
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