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Amps with Digital inputs.

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  • Amps with Digital inputs.

    Hey guys,

    Just making a parts list for my future car-pc... and I'm wondering about digital audio signals..

    I've been reading about ground loop noises and not to run audio signal cables along other wiring looms etc.. and thought a digital signal would be ideal.. I use digital coax to run about 8 meters of signal to my amps in my house and the sound quality is 100%.. but I have a few questions about it being used in cars...

    1. Are there any car amps with digital inputs, weather they are coax or fiber optic?

    2. Are digital signals 4.1 channel? can they be 'de-coded' into 5 separate channels?

    My amps only an old akai house amp from about 1996, 2 channel.. so I can't tell if it can decode a signal or not.

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    1. i saw your post in the optical amp thread, so you should be able to find this out looking over that thread a little more.

    a 4.1 system would be a 5 channel setup...
    a 5.1 system is 6 channels...

    2. with optical, you are at the mercy of whatever it was encoded at--if it is 2 channel audio, only your front speakers will work, depending on how it was encoded/ if you can process the audio, you may or may not have a working sub channel for 2 channel media.

    the ground loop issue is specifically related to the install-- some will get it others won't. there is no magic formula for promising that you will or won't get a ground loop, but if you do, deal with it then.
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