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Epia 9000 Problem w/ TV Out

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  • Epia 9000 Problem w/ TV Out

    I got my carputer project far enough along where I tried testing it with my 6" LCD. Im having a huge problem with it that is preventing me from installing it in the car, and hope somebody can help!

    Ok basically the problem is the system isnt recognizing that the LCD screen is hooked up. When i go to the display properties, the choice for TV is greyed out.

    But, I can take the same plug and put it into my regular home TV and TV option is available in the disp. properties. So I check it and it the pic pops up on the television. If I unplug it from the TV and back into the LCD, I get a picture.

    If I reboot the computer, I get nothing thru the LCD. It doesnt recognize it. If I plug it back into the TV,

    Why is the mobo seeing my TV but not my LCD????

    I've read about using 75ohm RCA cables...will this solve my problem?

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    That sounds like the problem. The resistance is what it uses to detect that a screen is present, and if the lcd that you have doesnt have that internal resistance, the computer cant sense it. You can (as im sure you've read) just take a rca cable and sodder a 75ohm (or larger) resistor between the two wires.

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