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laptop screen LVDS wiring...

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  • laptop screen LVDS wiring...

    ok my lvds cable has got two grey wires, and six black wires... all seperate, runs [not twisted like other sets of wires are

    [i have two red wires, one twisted as blue red, and one as white red]

    to the point...

    im thinking the answer is SEPERATE but just want to check since colour coding normally differentiates, but not in this case ????

    could i wire the six black wires together n at the other end of the wire seperate them again - making my 24 cable bundle that bit thinner,,,? are they all negative feeds? or data or? does n e 1 know

    fyi the laptop screen im using is a sony vaio pgc gr114ek. - cant find any documents on the screen wiring anywhere :@

    if anyone has... couple ya link me up plz


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    Can't u just use a multimeter to see if the black wires are all ground (i doubt it) ??
    My install:


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      thats what i was thinking, but on a lot of monitors from laptops there are a number of gnd connections... i just did the lot one by one to be sure. but i was thinking IF it was possible, it may still save some people a lot of time...

      BUT... it might not work n their screwed for which b lack wire goes to which - what took the mick cutting the six black wires one by one n soldering them. it gave very little working room.

      i think its a toshiba LCD i saw that uses like eight different GND wires... but then i was also thinking maybe each wire carrys a different amount of current... - but look at it like this... you can gnd a car speaker to the door and it should work - but it isnt recommended etc