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Direct Satellite Radio with Alpine tuer

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  • Direct Satellite Radio with Alpine tuer

    I built my CarPC about 3 years ago and have to thank this site for that. My main form of in car entertainment is my Sirius Satellite radio. The unit I have, think its called the Visor, sends the unit to my Radio Shark and plays through my PC. I just got in the mail a free Alpine compatible radio and tuner. This basically means I need an Alpine HU in order to use it if I still had a HU. I can remember way back there was a way to bypass the need for a HU and connect this thing directly to the PC and control it through RR, along with pics. Ive been searching for the past hour and cant find any post that is similar to what Ive just described. Can anyone help?

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    I know exactly what you're speaking of, since I have one. It's called the sir-alp1, unfortunately they aren't made anymore. Your best bet is to try and track down a used one.


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      Oh no, I was able to get 2 for about 5.90 shipping. They were having some deal and I got in before they realized they were making a mistake...thank you slickdeals. Also, its the SIR-ALP10T. Not sure if its the same one you referenced.


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        The sir-alp10T isn't a computer controllable device as far as I know. It's a sirius connect box to hook sirius up to an Alpine HU. While you still need one of those boxes you also need a PC interface, which isn't made anymore.