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    Hey, I want to play games, play music and do gps on my car... I was wondering, since an XBOX is a computer, couldn't you use this? I've heard you can put linux on Xbox and it would just work like an operating system... What have people heard... can I do this?

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    You got something terribly wrong though, the XBOX is NOT a computer, just because it has components that are used or inluded in a real computer doesnt make it one. Its a game console.

    I dont see why you wont be able to do it, easy way would be:
    inverter - plug your xbox in, get a screen with tv in and play away. Make shure you dont play while you are driving, that would not be good.
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      The Xbox IS a computer. I should know, I program the things. It has a processor, memory, screen output, input method, permanent storage.

      It is not a _personal_ computer (aka PC), it's main application is intended to be games, but that isn't all it can do.

      It is possible to get Linux onto it. You can plug keyboards into it via a USB adapter. You can get a signal out of it to a screen. I say go for it.

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        I put a mod chip in my xbox and can play MPEGs, MP3s, etc off the HD or over the network. No GPS unless you install Linux and can find some software though.
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