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  • Epia M Video Playback

    I got my Epia M9000 with 128MB thinking it would be plently....

    I didnt know that RAM was shared by the video, so my 128MB - 32MB Video = 96MB system memory.

    Everything works great, but I notice that divx movies on full screen mode and winamp visualizations seem a bit slow - not choppy, just a bit slower than it should...

    Will adding more RAM fix this problem? Or it is just too much for the Epia?

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    Could be a few things... could be ram... could be the hard drive is too slow... I have read a few reviews of the M9000 and they get good reviews on video playback, so would be optimistic about your chances to fix this.
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      i know this is an old thread, but is there a way to unshare that 32mb of ram?

      i have an MII12000 and it does the same thing, but the thing is i use a pci video card, so i dont need it to share the ram with the onboard video card.

      edit: in the bios i was able to cut the shared memory down from 32mb to 16 by lowering the fram buffer size (it gives option for 16,32,64), but how do i disable onboard vga altogether so i can get all my ram back?
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        C3 and Divx

        I tried for a long while to get DiVX to work right on my C3 system... What I found was that you need to go into the DiVX filter properties page and turn down the postprocessing. The way I got to the properties page in zoomplayer was through the "filter properties" menu amazingly enough

        You my find that you need to disable post processing all together... although deblocking provides the most bang for your buck if you find that you can afford that... also the encoded video size material makes a big difference... I could watch some videos flawlessly but others recorded in higher res or framerate would chop and stutter. They are all pretty damn smooth now though

        DiVX post processing is amazingly power hungry... can bring an athlon64 to it's knees when turned all the way up.


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          my fault, i should have been clearer

          when i said i was having the same problem, i didnt mean the divx not playing good, they play fine on my MII12000, I was reffering to the ram sharing.

          I currently have a PCI ATI ALL in wonder Radeon for my video display adapter, so i dont need the onboard vga. My question is there a way to disable the oboard vga so it doesnt share my ram or set the ram sharing to 0, the lowest i can get it is 16mb in the bios?
          I wish i knew how to do fiberglass work...