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Power Button Question for Zotac Users

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  • Power Button Question for Zotac Users

    I've just swapped my old Intel D201GLY board for a Zotac NF630I-F-E and Pentium E5200. I'm power it with a M2-ATX, which seems to be more than enough power. The problem I'm having is the behavior of the Zotac board when the power button is pressed. I'm running Win7 without any issues. When the M2-ATX sends the power button "push" the mother board powers off, regardless of the action I have set for the power button in windows. Am I missing something? I would at least like windows to shutdown when the power button is pressed. I checked in the bios, it has two setting for "soft off power button," one is instant the other is a 4 sec delay. I've tried both, with the same result, mother board powers off almost instantly when power button is pressed.

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    Problem solved, it was a polarity issue with the power jumper on the M2-ATX.

    Amazing what you learn when you

    Although I swear I had already tried flipping the connector before I posted. I guess I may have swapped it on both ends in all the shuffle.