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Flex ATX motherboards?

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  • Flex ATX motherboards?

    Is there anyone who makes FLEX ATX motherboards where you can acutally buy one for less than 150 bucks? I know Asus sells the cusi and cuwe flex versions. Also there is a Tyan tomcat that comes in flex atx. But are there any that have video out, lan, tv out, and sound out, for around 100 bucks?

    Go here

    Then choose form factor and look at the results for FLEX ATX. Now my question is. Can you acually buy any of these online for around 100 bucks?

    Intel also made mistakes on how they listed the tv/out. Many of the boards support a video out riser, but CAN YOU ACTUALLY find one???

    Maybe someone has had better luck than I have..

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    This is a nice board.
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        I know micro atx isn't as small as flex, but there's alot more of them and thus cheaper, while still fitting under the seat of a car.

        Side note, I found the on-board video, SiS had better 2D/3D features then the Trident Blade 3D.


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          i have a nice Flex board for sale, you can check a pic at



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            this is the first time ive seen a "flex" motherboard. damn thats small!! its nice that gnet is selling components and showing diy support for us. thanks!
            Just curious, does that dvd decoder have a way to enable "overscan"?? Like, will it go full screen??
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              damn.... all u canadian's i feel ur pain...$240 dollars for a friggin mb???? That ***** better come with a cpu if u are paying all that price. BTW, how do guys rate SIS chipset cuz to me there are crap!
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                If anyone in Canada is looking for a FlexATX board, here's the Asus CUSI-FX for $119 CDN:
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