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  • Which SSD to choose?


    I'm about to buy a SSD drive. Currently I'm using a 250 GB 3.5" disk, but just sometimes I'm getting hardware errors while driving.

    I'm really enthousiastic about the latest SSD drives and seems to be the right choice for a carpc. I'm about to get a 30GB OCZ Vertex turbo drive. It seems to be the best option. I don't care about the size, because it will only hold the OS and some apps. I'll store the media on a 2.5" USB disk.
    Will run it on XP with hibernation. I want to have the best performance for this set up.

    Is the extra money worth getting the Intel 80GB M disk? It's more expensive, but will it give significantly better performance? Maybe there are other SSD's around that would be worth getting as a OS boot disk and apps.

    Or would you just suggest getting a fast 2.5" standard hdd?

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    i got this one a couple of weeks ago and it's running perfect on my system

    PQI 32GB
    CTS 05, Mobile Information Center...
    Atom - 1.8ghz
    2GB Ram
    32GB SSD
    8" TouchScreen
    5.6" Screen (overhead) w/reverse capability

    Finished Project
    Car Hacking


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      i've been running on vertex OCZ for a few months, zero glitch, very fast for a carpc HD.
      I would definitely recommend it. DO NOT GET PATRIOT WARP V2 for carpc HD, it fails so fast!


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        I think the OCZ Vertex turbo seems to be the best deal for carpcs.

        Will get myself one for 120 euros (175 dollars). Think its worth it.


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          Intel X-25 are the best performing SSDs on the market, but only by a slim margin.
          I would look for the best value and go with that.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            I would say wait until they go on sale. OCZ has great sales on their line of SSDs quite often through newegg. Just picked up an OCZ Sumimt 60G for $140 CDN. As long as you're getting a newer generation SSD that doesn't use the JMicron controller, you should be fine.