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    Pc has been woprking fine for about a year. Just recently I installed a pci video card. found out that it needs a 250 watt psu, would only get bios to display. uninstalled it, computer worked ok. Just finnished running my wires for second monitor, went to boot up computer and I get no display. I dont even hear the initial beeps when it first boots. Checked all my grounds and powers. Pc boots or atleast I hear the fans going. I also re- inserted the pci card and still got no display. Anyone have any ideas???? I see nothing on the screen not even bios.
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    just tried a power supply from a old computer, still no video or beeps. Is the motherboard dead? This is the mother board Jetway VIA C7
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      called the company I purchased it from about a year ago and they emailed me a RMA. So gonna take it out and send it to them. Hopefully I get it back and its at no cost. Already purchased a new board with memory. Went micro atx rather than mini itx. Reason being, wanted dual video and the micro selection was a little cheaper and readily available.
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        is micro smaller than mini? could you provide a link to the Mobo?
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          Originally posted by afterdigital View Post
          is micro smaller than mini? could you provide a link to the Mobo?
          MicroATX is larger than miniITX.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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