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Cigarette plug pinouts, real quick question

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  • Cigarette plug pinouts, real quick question

    Alright, it is really getting close to working now, I got a 4 disc CD-ROM at a computer show today for 7 bucks! And it's the same size as a regular CD-ROM. But I also ran my power cable. On the cigarette plug (one in the dash), which pole is what? I know theres the center, and the thing all around it, I just need to know which one is positive and which one is negative, thanks.


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    Center - positive
    Case- Negative


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      Ya should grab yourself a voltmeter dude.
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        Most internal cd players use the 5volt and sometimes 12v for its power. Make sure you figure out what powers it needs. The car cigarette socket only provide nonregulated 12v. And yes, get a multimeter. It will help you find the + and - on the car socket and use the continuity meter to see which wire it + or - on the plug itself.
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          and of course you will need some form of voltage regulator/smoothing circuit before powering the cd player......
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