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Check out the Next Gen VIA C3 Motherboard. (SMALL!)

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  • Check out the Next Gen VIA C3 Motherboard. (SMALL!)

    Check out the size of this thing perfect carputer material.

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    Damn thats small! I want one. Should make those DIN sized installations even more common.
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    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
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      If that widest (the connector plane) side fits inside the width of a Din enclosure, you could easily squeeze that and a Laptop HDD, and slot DVD, + a decent naked PSU inside a single din box, and maybe even fit the screen for a din and a half/ 2 din..
      4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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        This sound like a familiar 3.5" inch factor mothervoard...

        This is quite common on industrial motherboard...

        3.5" FDD SubCompact Form Factor
        Onboard Mobile Intel® Celeron® ULP or Mobile Intel® Pentium® III LP processor
        SMI Lynx3DM+ SM 722G4 LCD controller with built-in 4MB SGRAM supports 24-bit TTL/LVDS TFT Panels
        Supports NTSC/PAL TV output
        Integrated SoundBlaster-compatible PCI audio
        Supports Type II CompactFlash Memory
        10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet
        Optional Gigabit Ethernet
        2 COMs / 1 Parallel / 2 USBs / 1 IrDA
        5V only operation

        Cool...but not the price as all the industrial compact board market...

        VIA Eden is the only affordable "compact" 17x17 board for the public market...
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          very, very, very nice...
          I they did a version with more ethernet, possibly a PCMCIA connector too, but without having to stack another board on top of it.
          How many of these can you fit in 1U with drives



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            The best thing is this core running full speed only requires a mere 11 watts.