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M10000 CMOS battery every 3 weeks?

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  • M10000 CMOS battery every 3 weeks?

    My M10000 was great for about a year (got it second hand so longer thnn a year). The CMOS battery needs chaning every 3 weeks now, or more to the point I get an error message to says 'CMOS defaults being loaded....F1 to continue DEL for setup', so I end up changing the CMOS battery and re-setting the BIOS.

    Relevant other information. About the time I changed the CMOS battery the I tried hiberation in RR to see whether this would improve boot time, but didn't significantly, so went back to shutdown, as before. I also started using the interal USB header for more USB devices.

    I can't think why the CMOS battery appears to be draining so quickly and losing the BIOS settings? Any suggestions?

    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    This one is tricky. Im assuming you are using new batteries each time. Is it very cold? Try resetting the BIOS using the jumpers before putting in a new battery. It could be that the motherboard has a short circuit somewhere, maybe try wiping down the motherboard and the battery connector? Do you see any corrosion? I suppose if nothing else works then you can strap on some AA's or have a regulated 3V supply direct from your main car battery.