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looking for power supply infor for Databrick

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  • looking for power supply infor for Databrick

    I know this is way obsolete, but I think it will serve my purposes.

    I just bought a Datalux Databrick II portable computer with a touchscreen monitor on eBay that I am planning on using for a car MP3 player. I didn't think figuring out power supply would be a problem, but I was wrong...

    From what I've seen the power requirements are quite forgiving - 8-16 vdc at 7.5-3.5 amps. You would think that should be simple. There is a 4-pin DIN connector for the power supply. I have determined that the top left pin is positive input and the lower right pin is ground. The problem is that the other two pins, instead of floating are tied to a four-pin SMD component that looks like a bridge rectifier, but it measures like a dual coil and the silkscreen label is L1. There's no battery, so I don't guess those are charging pins, but maybe they could be sensing of some sort, but nothing I've read mentions a secondary input voltage.

    Does anybody have ANY information on this so I can power it up? And a manual would be nice, too. PDF, maybe?


    Derek Tombrello