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First Car PC looking for some help

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  • First Car PC looking for some help

    Alright so i currently have a double din nav unit which is going to be sold here shortly and be replaced with a car PC.

    My wants from this PC

    1. Should have good sound quality with plenty of sound options like TA, phase reverse, and descent EQ. I want to be able to do atleast 2 way up front plus sub with 3 way up front being a bonus.

    2. I have about 8-9 gigs of music currently which is stored on an ipod so i would like the pc to have a small ssd drive to boot from.

    3. Fast boot up time

    4. And i would want all the cool car pc stuff like navigation, bluetooth, OBDII...

    My budget for this would probably be around $700. I will have a free copy of windows 7 that i will use. What equipment would work for me? Should i be able to achieve this with $700?