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MJS-SC-C1 Help...Sound input issues

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  • MJS-SC-C1 Help...Sound input issues

    I have check all the settings, tested the wires and i am not sure what i am doing wrong. The cable when connected to my ipod then too another sound input source it works so i know that is not a problem. I then tested the MJS-SC-C1 by connecting headphones to ti. I have clear sound coming out. The USB cable reads the unit and you can see all the channels.

    The problem i am having when i hook it too the mic input i get nothing but static and loud noises that is definitly not music. I checked and made sure the mic input worked by using sound recorder and recording my voice. I also know that my frontend reads the unit and gets the loud horrible noise. has anyone had this issue and can point me in the direction that i might be missing
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