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Microphone in, soundacrd vs. usb

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  • Microphone in, soundacrd vs. usb

    I have a creative Soundblaster Live 5.1 PCI card. I currently us it with the KX Audio drivers because they allow for far more audio tuning than the Creative Drivers. I am having an issue. I am trying to configure a microphone to use for BT Phone and an RRvoice plugin/program. My dilemma is that I use the LINE IN of the soundcard for HD Radio as well. Althought there is a Line IN and a Microphone IN on the soundcard, in the KX drivers you can only select one AC 97 inout at a time. So if I have line in routed to the AC 97 input for recording and use the line in plugin for winamp, I cannot use the Mic. If I select mic in, the Winamp lin in plugin pics up only the mic. Searching for a solution or maybe I am doing something wrong within the KX Drivers. I see in the MP3 store there is this. It is USB. Would this allow for my Soundcard to just use the line in for the HD radio? I assume using this it could bypass the Soundcard and KX drivers, hopefully being able to separately select the mic input to this device?

    EDIT, theoretically speaking. Could I enable my onboard sound and us it for MIC IN? And use the creative for all other in out?

    EDIT 10-26-09 Yep, using 2 soundcards, one dedicated to mic.