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Low profile SATA cable for Voom PC-2 case???

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  • Low profile SATA cable for Voom PC-2 case???

    Morning all,

    Does anyone 'know of' or 'has seen' a low profile SATA cable that would be ideal for a Voom PC-2 case. I thinking something similar to this

    Image from

    for a WD Scorpio Blue SATA data and power lead. I've searched 'high and low' but haven't seen anything suitable. The problem being the ATX connector and D945GCLF2 RAM are all very colse in the Voom PC-2 case and the standard SATA data and power lead get a little squashed between the case and RAM.

    Your help is appreciated as always.....
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    Yep, I use 2 of those multilane SFF8484 cables on my HP P800 SAS Raid controller - but there's enough channels in there to drive 4x dual-port SAS drives - the one end connects to the raid card, and the other end, in my case also SFF8484, to the HP 8-drive drive-cage.

    I haven't seen anything similar for single SATA drives, except those various 90-deg angle Sata cables, you can find some examples over at Performance-PCS

    Hope you find what you're looking for, also verify Sata1 vs SataII before ou buy.
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