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Unable to detect onboard GPS unit.

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  • Unable to detect onboard GPS unit.

    I'm new to the forums and am looking for some advice/suggestions to a problem I'm having.
    I received in the mail.
    Has been a bit of a headache as it came preinstalled with Chinese Windows Xp... I gave up on that for obvious reasons.
    I've now installed Windows 7 (Tiny7) and have got my touch screen and sound to work fine.
    Unfortunately I can't for the life of me get the onboard GPS to work.
    I've checked device manager and can't see anything that resembles the GPS. There are no unknown devices.
    I've checked the COM ports and there's Com 1 and 2 and LPT1.
    Tried all of those in centrafuse (that's the front end i'll be using), but it doesn't seem to be getting a signal.
    I've messaged cnbuynet for advice, but since their manuals were in chinese, I'm not sure how well they speak english.
    Should I give up on getting the onboard thing to work and buy a GPS receiver from here?
    Oh, forgot to mention, it plugs into the back of the unit via a type of coax connection (screws onto a connector at the back.)
    Any help much appreciated.