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IP Bus questions, Good chance to flame a n00b

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  • IP Bus questions, Good chance to flame a n00b

    hey guys,

    New around here, and just saw about the IP Bus for the first time. I've seen that you can hack one for ~$5, and was wondering how this could be done? What parts do I need. I suspect that I need to wire from one pin to the other type of thing, are there any diagrams out there? I'm thinking about using a Panasonic HU, frobably a DF402U, up to the 602U. Friends of mine have last years models (the 501 and 601) and I think they work pretty well.

    Any help is apreciated.

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    Re: IP Bus questions, Good chance to flame a n00b

    correct me if im wrong... but the IP bus is a pioneer system... not Panasonic...

    do a search - I even wrote a bit about the topic a few months back when I hacked a mates pioneer HU for the job...
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      IP Bus -is- pioneer. Panasonic uses something else that's a pain in the butt to hack, but many pana's have a AUX-IN jack already.


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        IP Bus is for Pioneer Only, Sorry
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          I guess I'm just looking for a way to use the CD-changer interface on a Panasonic HU. I know some of the panasonics have an aux-in, but i've come across an HU for sale cheap, that dosen't have an aux-in, but does have a cd changer in. Is there anyway to hack into this input? Or should I just pass him over and buy one with an aux-in (or get a pioneer)?


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            Just get a pioneer. The Panasonic CD-changers require special control-code signals in order to make them work and even appear as an option on the HU itself.