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Audio Input Selector Switch?

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  • Audio Input Selector Switch?

    I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate the audio output from my car PC into my car speakers, and I am hoping you all can provide ideas.

    My factory head unit does not have an aux input, and I don't want to replace it at this time (budget reasons). From reading this forum (and a forum on my car), there doesn't appear to be a way to use the cd changer plug as an aux input. Also, I am trying to stay away from using an FM modulator.

    I would guess that the following idea has been discussed here, but I could not find it in my searching.

    I am thinking about running my PC audio output to a small (read: inexpensive) amplifier, and then to some sort of A/B switch. The other input to the switch would be the speaker output from my head unit. The output of this switch would go to my car speakers. So now I could switch between what audio source is going to my speakers.

    Instead of a manual A/B switch, I'd actually like it to be some type of automatic switch, maybe using voltage sensing? So if I am listenting to radio on my HU, and my navigation program sends a 'turn left' audio instruction, the switch device will jump to the PC audio,and then jump back when the signal ends.

    The primary purpose for my car PC is the navigation system. If this was it's only purpose, i would just hookup a separate speaker for it. But I want to have capability to also play mp3's from the HD, and DVD's, so I do want the audio to go to factory speakers.

    What are your opinions on this? Is this too complicated of a solution, or is there is there an easier way to accomplish this? Has it been discussed here, and if so, can you direct me to where I can read about it, or what search term you'd recommend I search for?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I understand the problem that you have, it is however possible to use an A/B switch.

    But the best possibility indeed is to use the CD changer input on your radio. It is accessible, if you know the exact pin-out. It will work like an Aux input. However I found out today that it isn't that easy. Sometimes the radio uses a Digital Bus and then there is no option than an FM modulator. However the problem usually is the connector, I hope you'll be able to find that.


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