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How to plug HQCT into Intel D956GFLF2

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  • How to plug HQCT into Intel D956GFLF2

    Good afternoon all,

    I have an Intel D945GCLF2, which I have realised doesn't have an AUX-in port on the motherboard!

    What options do I have for connecting the HQCT-i into the motherboard? Am I missing an option? Is there a stereo input as part of the HD-Audio connector on the motherboard?

    Tried searching through google and here, and I think I may have been tired (It was about 11pm, and I was jittery), but couldn't see anything that pointed at connection options!!!

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    Mic or Line In.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Sorry, I was looking through a few other avenues as well while I was doing my work....and one thing I can't seem to find is a 4 pin motherboard connector (For the HQCT end) to 3.5mm stereo jack for the line in.

      Does anyone know where to get one? google unfortunately just brings up a heap of 3.5mm to 4pin minidin plugs! And my soldering skills are not quite up to the task of cutting and making a 4pin end off a regular 3.5mm cable... Sorry!