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wierd kenwood problem???

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  • wierd kenwood problem???

    Well I recently am puting together a new car pc and in the mean time I bought an old kenwood excelon flipout deck for my car. I got it for a hell of a steal and in light of that I'm having to work out alot of small issues. Theres one I just cant figure out...the cd/dvd player. It will play original cd's no problem crystal clear. Burned cd's on the other hand...some will play some wont. These seems to be no rhymn or reason to it. And when it does play them it sounds terrible. I tried a cd/dvd lens cleaner and it made them sound better and play most but it only helps for the first or second cd after that...then right back to crap??? Also I have been completly unable to play any dvd of any kind. Any idea WTH is going on here guys? I don't wana send it back to kenwood as they are gona charge more to fix it then what this is all worth! Thanks guys!
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