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  • Wireless USB keyboard / touchpad

    Just saw this new news bit posted on engadget video below

    Wireless USB keyboard / touchpad is more than the sum of its parts
    By Donald Melanson posted Nov 25th 2009 3:44AM

    A free PDA that came with a magazine subscription in 2002? An early Peek prototype? No, this is the humbly named USB Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Touchpad that's now available from USB Geek, and it just might be the sort of device you never knew you were looking for. As the folks at CrunchGear have noted, while the device is simply being marketed as an all-in-one wireless touchpad and keyboard, it actually has all the makings of an ideal HTPC controller -- not to mention an entirely reasonable price of $62. No multitouch, no LCD -- just a plain old trackpad, a wireless USB dongle, and a QWERTY keypad that should be adequate enough for tweeting your reaction to the TV show remake du jour. Video after the break.



    mezz64 posted below a link to purchase it for $45 shipped!

    here is the link to the product over at USB geek, which they forgot to put in the article a bit more expensive than the site mezz64 found

    # Features: Full-featured RF keyboard with Touchpad
    # 48 keys QWERTY format handheld style keyboard
    # 2.8" (7cm) touchpad with left and right mouse buttons
    # 2.4GHz radio frequency, up to 30 feet effective working range
    # Backlight keyboard for convenient operation in darkness
    # Built-in rechargeable battery via usb
    # On/Off button
    # Support Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
    # Dimension: 126 x 83 x 9mm (approx.)
    # Weight: 66g
    # This product is compatible with PLAYSTATION3, Xbox 360, WII etc. game station.

    # USB Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Touchpad
    # User manual
    # USB receiver
    # USB charging cable

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    Ah i was too late to post. Looks nice. Someone needs to get one and do a review for us
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      that really would be perfect for my HTPC. I'm gonna show the higher ups this thread, they're always looking for products to add to the community. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        You beat me to the post! This looks like a great product and no doubt I will be purchasing it to try out.


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          Just a heads up, it can be purchased in either black or white for only $45 shipped in the US direct from the manufacturer:

          I'm thinking about giving one a try myself.
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            that is pretty damn slick. it would actually replace my touchpad on my center console- would be nice to not have to pull out the keyboard for small things like logging into websites.

            the touchpad would have to work really well though. the adesso pad i have now is amazing for mobile use, very accurate and steady even when driving on bumpy roads....


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              Trader007 can you drop in some info on the one u use


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                Originally posted by mezz64 View Post
                Just a heads up, it can be purchased in either black or white for only $45 shipped in the US direct from the manufacturer:

                I'm thinking about giving one a try myself.
                that's a really good price! I'll edit my OP and add that info


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                  this is the one i use-

                  i bet all adesso pads are similar though. they make a newer version of what i have too, its more compact it looks like. theyre awesome pads, ive never used any better.


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                    the site mess64 posted says "This product is compatible with PLAYSTATION3, Xbox 360, WII etc. game station."


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                      theyre all over ebay too. they have a white version-

                      i think i have to try one of these. if not for the car, it would be perfect for my living room.


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                        guys this is old news..


                        also you can see there my little review
                        mine is black with white keys
                        still works nicely
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                          hmm i guess engadet just finally got news of it hehe


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                            Just an additional review here. I actually purchased one of these bad boys from ebay and I must say it was an great purchase. I use it for my HTPC (not CarPC) and it works great. I use the backlight feature quite a bit when I turn the lights down for a movie or youtubing etc. I've had it for about 2 weeks and have used it daily. No regrets so far.


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                              Looks great but I am loving Snatch for iPhone Trackpad and keyboard

                              Snatch is a trackpad, app launcher and keyboard. it pretty slick for those of you that have iPhones, or iPod touch

                              Check the screenshots and pics below

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