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Need help with Dei 528T relay

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  • Need help with Dei 528T relay

    hi, my question is how can I activate this relay with ignition.

    Here is what I did.

    I connect first Black/Stripe (Trigger) to my ignition line. Then I connect black to ground, yellow and brown to my device a laptop pwr switch. I then cut the blue loop for a positive pulse (uncut for negative pulse). Then lastly red to constant (I dont know if I even need this)? My problem is when I turn on the car relay does nothing when is off it gets energized. What I think I need to do is somehow connect ground to the switch??? for a negative pulse. Anyone who can help? thanks

    Dei 528T Pinout/wiring:

    My CarPc Blog (<This is outdated. I have updated to a fully running Carpc System)

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    Cut the blue wire. That timer is meant for a pulse input, but you're giving it a switched input so it's detecting the transition from high to low as the end of a positive pulse.